Elections à la Memory studies Association (MSA)

Sarah Gensburger, membre du comité de pilotage du GDR a été nommée pour être candidate à la Présidence de la Memory studies association. Si vous êtes membre de la MSA n’hésitez pas à la soutenir

Nous vous invitons à découvrir sa présentation :

« I had the honor to be nominated to run for President of the Memory Studies Association. It was very unexpected for me but I decided to run because I simply care about the MSA and about those who have been making it. I want it to keep expanding as well as becoming a more inclusive and integrated place. You will find my vision statement on the election page of the MSA (https://www.memorystudiesassociation.org/current…/), at the very end of the page 🧐). And I explained in this short video why I decided to run

It is a pleasure to take part in friendly and respectful elections – kind of rare these days – so please do not forget to cast your vote !

I did not speak much about my work in those because these elections are not about me but about the MSA ! So if you want to learn more about my work you can visit my personal website : https://www.sarahgensburger.com

And for those who are not a member of the MSA yet, you will understand what I have been talking about in this post by visiting the MSA website and who knows… it may give you the idea of joining us

Sarah »

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