Conférence en ligne Bordeaux Neurocampus-Vendredi 28 Mai 11h30

De Etienne Coutureau
Team Decision and Adaptation

Mathieu Wolff

Thalamocortical circuits from neuroanatomy to mental representations


In highly volatile environments, performing actions that address current needs and desires is an ongoing challenge for living organisms. For example, the predictive value of environmental signals needs to be updated when predicted and actual outcomes differ. Furthermore, organisms also need to gain control over the environment through actions that are expected to produce specific outcomes. The data to be presented will show that these processes are highly reliant on thalamocortical circuits wherein thalamic nuclei make a critical contribution to adaptive decision-making, challenging the view that the thalamus only acts as a relay station for the cortical stage. Over the past few years, our work has highlighted the specific contribution of multiple thalamic nuclei in the ability to update the predictive link between events or the causal link between actions and their outcomes via the combination of targeted thalamic interventions (lesion, chemogenetics, disconnections) with behavioral procedures rooted in experimental psychology. We argue that several features of thalamocortical architecture are consistent with a prominent role for thalamic nuclei in shaping mental representations.

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