A 3-days symposium in Bordeaux Neurodevelopmental Disorders: From molecular mechanisms to social inclusion

De Sophie Layé (NutriNeuro, Bordeaux)

Neurodevelopmental disorders are a group of different conditions in which the development of the central nervous sytem is disturbed and that have longlife consequences. Such developmental brain dysfunction can manifest as neuropsychiatric problems (Autism Spectrum Disorders, schizophrenia, fragile-X syndrome, down syndrome, etc.) or impaired motor function, learning, languages or non-verbal communication. Numerous developmental processes can go awry, sometimes simultaneously, affecting the generation of the appropriate diversity of neural cell types, their migration to correct sites in the brain and the establishment of precise connectivity with target cells, leading to complex brain and sensory dysfunction(s) and neurological diseases.
In this 3 days symposium, experts from different areas of developmental neuroscience, human neuropsychology, epidemiology, brain imaging and genetic&epigenetic as well as clinicians will address the current state of neurodevelopmental disorders research, and its challenges for human health. By integrating neurodevelopmental perspectives and basic, translational and clinical approaches, this meeting will promote discussions and exchanges, and a new understanding of the complexity of these pathologies.


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