The GDR mémoire is a large collaborative network supported by the CNRS.  It has the aim of uniting researchers in memory across multiple domains.  It is a multidisciplinary network drawing on expertise all over France in both the social and biological sciences.  At the point of creating the network, there were 82 research teams, but new teams are being added as required/requested.

To give an idea of the scope of the network, there are approximately 45 teams in the Neurosciences, 17 in Psychology, 7 in History, and a couple in Philosophy.

The reach of the network is about 900 researchers.

In part, the new multidisciplinary network grew out of an earlier GDR, the GDR neuromem

The network is directed by Nadine Ravel and Céline Souchay.

As is shown in the diagram below, the GDR is organised into different research themes and scientific goals.

GDR memoire.003