Here we will advertise scientific events of interest to the GDR community

Aging of Memory Functions: Where are we now? Bordeaux, September 26-28 2018

La mémoire à l’épreuve de l’interdisciplinarité Vers une nouvelle approche de récits mémoriels ?– XVe-XXIe s. Aix en Provence 15-17 mai 2019

Dynamic and Flexible Nature of Memories Conference, Lyon 6th-7th June 2019

Neurosciences Méditerranéennes Marrakech, June 2019

4 th Eurogenesis Meeting in Bordeaux; 11-13 June 2019

Issues in Philosophy of Memory 2 Grenoble 1-4 July 2019

The Predictive Brain Conference Marseille 26-27 September 2019


You may wish to leave a comment publicising your event, or send a tweet to @GDRmemoire

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